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Top 12 Candy From The 60s

 Everything was changing including 60s candy

The 1960s was a decade of significant change. It was the era of "free love" hippies and flower children. Things were about to become very interesting!

The 1960s stirred up rebellion; gone were the saddle shoes and loafers, and in came the love beads, bell bottoms and butterfly collars!
This generation was a little more daring; the 1960s began the entire "free love " movement in 1967. The world wanted freedom, and along with all of the protests came the remarkable and delicious candy of the 1960s!

Here are the top 12 Candy from the 60s...

#1. Razzles Candy

Razzles Candy - Candy from the 60s
"First, it's a candy, then it's a gum!" Razzles Candy were some of the coolest candies of the 1960s. This candy starts off as a candy and then magically morphs into a gum!
Upon its sweet introduction into the world of candy, only one flavour was available: rasberry. This is why the name of the candy was Razzles!
However, this retro candy has greatly expanded its flavor profile over the years! Razzles now include lemon, blueberry, grape, orange, and the original raspberry flavor. You can now taste the Razzles Tropical Candy, Razzles Sour Candy, and the exciting addition of Razzles Fizzles!
The fun of this famous retro candy just never gets old! After all, who doesn't want to experience the "razzle dazzle" of Razzles?

#2. Sweetarts

Sweetarts - Wonka Candy - Candy from the 60s
The flavorful and fun deliciousness of Sweetarts began in 1962. This retro candy was intensely tangy and fruity, and the candy lovers of the 1960s just couldn't get enough of Sweetarts!
Willy Wonka was just a few years away, but in the meantime, Sweetarts Candy
took center stage!
Originally thrilling us with the fruity flavors of lemon, cherry, lime, grape and orange. No one had ever tasted such an incredible candy. This retro candy was a hit right from the start.
Over the years, the Sweetarts Candy line has grown to include Sweetarts Ropes, Sweetarts Giant Chewy, and the ever-popular Sweetarts Sour. This was the "it" candy during the 1960s and has remained a popular and reached for candy to this very day!
Here's to the remarkable taste of Sweetarts!

#3. Now And Later Candy

Now and Later Candy - Candy from the 60s
Once you open up a Now And Later Candy, there really is no other option but to eat it now!
These chewy candies emerged on the candy scene in 1962. This taffy candy is exceptionally flavorful and beyond chewy! 
The candy enthusiasts of the 1960s loved this taffy candy. No other candy at the time proved to be as chewy or as flavorful!
That over-the-top fruity scent pulls you in as you unwrap a Now And Later Candy. With every chewy bite, those intense flavors linger, providing long-lasting and immensely flavorful candy.
The flavor profile of Now And Later candy has grown to include the Now And Later Splits and the incredible Now And Later Morphs. Which incredibly transform as you chew them!
Some things never change; the time to enjoy a Now And Later candy is always now!

#4. Lemonhead Candy

Lemonhead - Candy from the 60s
The tart and tangy taste of the Lemonhead was all the rage in 1962! This was the year that this sour candy was born!
A lemon-infused bright yellow hard candy that will most definitely have you puckering for more!
This retro candy was introduced to us by the Ferrera Pan Candy Company, which makes the famous Atomic Fireball and Red Hots.
For years, the flavor of Lemonhead remained available in just the cringe-inducing lemon flavor. Over the years, Lemonhead Candy has expanded to include a raspberry flavor. Lemonhead also boasts a now chewy version, which consists of the fruity flavors of raspberry, watermelon, strawberry and cherry.
Believe it or not, this retro candy was named after the inventor's son. When Nello Ferrara's son was born, Salvatore thought his head resembled a lemon shape, and thus, the Lemonhead was born!
Nothing beats the knock-your-socks-off flavor of the classic Lemonheads Candy for a genuinely tangy-tasting candy!

#5. Starburst

Starburst - Candy from the 60s
The juicy taste of the legendary Starburst candy just never loses its lustre! This retro candy broke out onto the candy scene in England in 1960 before making its way to North America in 1967.
Initially, this chewy candy was named "Opal Fruits" before a much more suitable name was chosen, "Starburst"!
Originally, the "unexplainably juicy" candy flavours were limited to strawberry, orange, lemon and lime. Until 1984, when the flavors grew to
 include numerous other fruity flavors.
This retro candy now is available in numerous renditions! The lineup of Starburst Candy now includes the beloved Starburst Fave Reds and the iconic Starburst All Pink. The exciting lineup of Starburst also includes gummy candy, lollipops and even the old-fashioned candy of cotton candy!
The remarkable taste of the Starburst Candy is a classic retro candy that remains on the top of the candy charts!

#6. Astro Pop

Astro Pop - Candy from the 60s
This epic lollipop came to blast off our tastebuds in 1963! The Astro Pop looks like a futuristic rocket design. This lollipop includes three layers of flavors, including pineapple, passionfruit and cherry.
This lollipop was invented by two rocket scientists who eventually quit their day jobs to focus on creating this legendary lollipop!
This was the first lollipop of its kind, not your usual crunchy, hard candy lollipop. This lollipop had the ability to last for hours, even days, with a softer, almost flexible candy texture than usual but still with a hard texture.
The Astro Pop remains a favourite and will happily take your tastebuds on a space-age odyssey of tremendous flavor and fun!

#7. Zotz

Zotz - Candy from the 60s
The fun of Zotz candy just never fizzles out! This candy came to thrill us in the 1960s.
Made with a hard candy shell that holds some fizzy and explosive magic inside! 
The inside of this retro candy was always the most exciting part!
The sour candy middle and fizzing action continue to erupt our tastebuds! Featuring the fruity flavors of orange, grape and blue raspberry.
The first candy to exude such exciting action, the taste of Zotz Candy remains an original choice for candy lovers everywhere!
Experience the vibrant taste of Zotz! Its action-packed flavour remains a true 1960s gem!

#8. Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs - Candy from the 60s
The chocolate-filled crunch of the Cadbury Mini Eggs remains a favourite candy to this very day!
After all, who could resist that hard candy pastel-coloured shell with a creamy filling of Cadbury milk chocolate?
This Cadbury Candy was born in England in 1967 before expanding its utter deliciousness into the rest of the world.
Originally, Cadbury Mini Eggs were just available as an Easter Candy. However, the demand grew, and thankfully, Cadbury has now made the famous Mini Eggs available all year long!
As you begin to crunch through these rich-tasting gems, that candy crunch, along with the creamy Cadbury chocolate, is a match made in candy heaven. The textures are incredible, and the taste is more than rich and delectable!
This retro candy was a hit right from the start! Remaining a number one reached for candy, Cadbury Mini Eggs are at the top of every candy connoisseur rotation!
Available in the original format now, Cadbury has included a chocolate bar that marries the rich taste of Cadbury milk chocolate with the Mini Eggs studded throughout.
They might be called Mini Eggs, but the taste is ever so deliciously mighty!

#9. Caramilk

Caramilk - Candy from the 60s
The Caramilk chocolate bar has long since been a Cadbury Chocolate favourite! Making its way to North America in 1968.
This divine-tasting chocolate bar includes the rich and creamy taste of Cadbury milk chocolate along with a flowing, cascading middle of caramel.
The taste of this indulgent Caramilk is truly an unforgettable experience. Opening up this chocolate bar, that incredible sweet scent will have your tastebuds reeling! As you take that first bite, that oozing caramel middle will lightly make its mark on your lips; you won't mind a bit. Every mouthful is remarkable, smooth and beyond delectable.
This Canadian chocolate bar has always been surrounded by intrigue and mystery. The question always was, just how do they get that caramel inside of the bar? Believe it or not, this age-old question became a contest. The answer remains locked up in a vault in Toronto, Canada, at the Gladstone Chocolate Factory.
The secret is still a mystery, just the way Caramilk likes it! It actually inspires us to eat more Caramilk bars and think about this very delicious dilemma!

#10. 100 Grand Bar

100 Grand Bar - Candy from the 60s
This chocolate bar was created in 1964. The 100 Grand Bar includes a middle of crispy puffed rice on a bed of golden caramel wrapped up in a rich coating of milk chocolate.
The 100 Grand Bar made its debut when game shows were all the rage on television; the monetary name stuck and proved popular with the 1960s crowd.
This American chocolate bar has also had its spot in the limelight. It was mentioned in the popular show "The Office" when the main character Micheal uses the 100 Grand Bar in a motivational speech. These chocolate bars were also gifted to the hit television series "Friends" cast when the cast asked for a pay raise. Each cast member received a box of 100 Grand bars delivered right to their dressing rooms!
Made with a timeless and sophisticated blend of flavours and textures, this famous chocolate bar of the 1960s remains "grand"!

#11. Cadbury Creme Egg

Cadbury Creme Egg - Candy from the 60s
The Cadbury Creme Egg has been a fan favourite since its introduction in England in 1923. Before it finally reached the rest of us in 1963. Originally, this Cadbury Egg was named Fry's Creme Egg, but before Cadbury changed the name to the Cadbury Creme Egg,
Taking a bite of this chocolate egg is nothing short of exquisite! The outer shell features a thick and rich taste of Cadbury milk chocolate and is complete with an oozing fondant middle that resembles an actual egg yolk! Each mouthful is creamy, delicious and sweetly satisfying!
This Cadbury chocolate treat is often enjoyed during the Easter season but is now available as a year-round treat. That means you don't have to wait for the Easter Bunny to enjoy these chocolate eggs!
Just as widespread as in the 1960s, the Cadbury Creme Egg adds egg-citement to any day!

#12. Fruit Stripe Gum

Fruit Stripe Gum - Candy from the 60s
The famous taste of the Fruit Stripe Gum was made famous by that wild-looking zebra! This wild and fun bubblegum included a tattoo inside of every package. It promises not only some delicious and juicy bubblegum but also some sweet amusement!
Introduced to the 1960s candy crowd in 1969. The Fruit Stripe Gum included the fruity flavors of wet n' wild melon, cherry, lemon, orange and peach. This proved to be a winning combination of fruity flavors with every juicy chew; those vibrant flavors come alive, delivering a long-lasting and delicious bubblegum flavor!
As you begin to chew this highly fragrant bubblegum, you'll be in for a real treat! Each taste of the Fruit Stripe Gum is loaded with not only fantastic flavors but fun! Hold a bubble gum-blowing contest with your besties, and remember to get pics of those cool-looking tattoos!
Still as fun as in the 1960s, the Fruit Stripe Gum remains a popular and fruity-tasting bubblegum. They do say a zebra never loses its stripes 
and neither does the Fruit Stripe Gum!

What was your favorite candy from the 60s?

Experience the fun and flavor of the 1960s with this incredible retro candy! After all, this was the very candy those candy lovers of the 60s consumed as they began their endeavour to bravely change the world!
Are any of these retro candies in your candy-eating repertoire today? Which candy are you inspired to try next? 

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