100 Grand Bar - 1.5 oz

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The Richest American Candy Bars!

Never be a day late or a dollar short with the 100 Grand Bar!

Who wouldn't want to line their pockets with the deliciously deluxe experience of this chocolate extravagance?
Starting off with a mix of crispy puffed rice cereal, covered in a bed of chewy golden caramel, and finished with a layer of rich milk chocolate.
The experience of the 100 Grand Candy Bar is packed with incredible textures. Boasting that crispy rice that breaks up the caramel and rich chocolate flavors with a perfect crunch.
The 100 Grand Chocolate Bar came out during the 1960s, which was the height of televised Game shows. The original name of this candy bar was the $100,000 or hundred thousand dollar bar, which proved just to be too long a name. 
Gaining its sweet share of fame. The 100 Grand Bar was once featured on "The Office" when Michael Scott refers to the bar in a motivational speech. It was also a sweet topic on the set of "Friends" when the lead actors demanded $100,000.00 per episode. This led to them each being sent a full box of the 100 Grand Bars.
Make life grand with the delectable taste of the 100 Grand Bar!