Razzles Candy - 1.4 oz.

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Razzles Candy is an adventure!

First it's candy...then it's gum!

Whether or not you’re thirty, flirty & thriving, you won’t be able to resist Razzles Candy! This retro candy is the ultimate candy adventure that's ready to pop, chew, and transform your taste buds into a whirlwind of delight!

With Razzles Candy, the excitement begins as you pop these little flavor bombs into your mouth. Each piece bursts with a rush of fruity goodness that dances on your tongue. But that's not all – as you chew, that's when the magic begins! These candies transform into gum, giving you a double dose of enjoyment.

Whether you're looking for a candy that's playful, a gum that's chewy, or a treat that's simply out of this world, Razzles Candy has got you covered. It's the candy that defies expectations and keeps the fun rolling!

1.4oz (40g)