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Top 12 Candy From The 90s

Here are the 90s candy that we loved!

We left those cabbage patch kids behind and went straight for the grunge look of the 90s!

Flaunting oversized baggy plaid shirts, jeans and combat boots, it looked like most of us just rolled out of bed.
The Y2K hysteria was looming; would we survive? With a brave new millennium on the horizon and the candy of the 1990s in hand.
Come back to the '90s once again and discover our top 12 candies from the 1990s...

#1. Caramel Apple Pops 

Caramel Apple Pops - 90s Candy - Top 12 Candy from the 90s - Retro Candy
Taste the crips season of fall with the Caramel apple Pops!
These golden-hued lollipops made their sweet debut in 1995. Brought to us by 
the Tootsie Toll industries.
These luscious-tasting lollipops offer a taste of delectable caramel with a middle of green apple-flavored candy.
With flavors reminiscent of a candy apple but much less messy. This lollipop was happily consumed by the grunge-wearing masses as they sang their hearts out to Nirvana!
A classic lollipop that has certainly stood the test of time; after all, it even survived the Y2K scare!

#2. Warheads Candy

Warheads Candy - 90s candy - Top 12 Candy from the 90s - Sour Candy - Retro Candy
The 1990's was the decade of sour candy and Warheads Candy was in the grip of every sour candy lover's hands!
This extremely sour candy made its debut in Tawain in 1975 before making its way to North America in 1993.
The first generation of the famous Warheads Candy was the hard candy version; fast forward to today, and Warheads Candy is available in a chewy gummy form, a liquid form and even a spray candy!
If you're a newbie, we recommend the original hard candy. But be warned, this sour candy will shred your tastebuds!
If there was ever a "knock your socks off candy," Warheads is that candy.
This acrid sour candy was definitely made for brave and bold sour lovers.
The thrill of the 90s lives on in every Warheads Candy!

#3. Baby Bottle Pop 

Baby Bottle Pop - 90s Candy - Retro Candy
Soothe yourself with the Baby Bottle Pop! This 90s candy comes in the cleverly cute design of a baby bottle.
The bottle portion is filled with powdered candy and the top portion is a delicious tasting lollipop!
Making its adorable debut in 1998, this candy bottle hit the big time, becoming a staple candy of the 1990s.
Besides the original fruity flavors, Baby Bottle Pops now offers a gummy candy version, candy canes, and even a thrilling light-up candy!
This candy is so nostalgic; you'll be taken back in time with just one look at the Baby Bottle Pop!

#4. Nerds Rope

Nerds Rope - Wonka Candy - 90s Candy - Nostalgic Candy
This long and lovely candy is filled with some delicious Wonka magic!
The Nerds Rope offers the best of both worlds. It's crunchy and chewy and completely encrusted with a colorful coating 
of the famous Nerds Candy!
This candy took the candy world by storm when it appeared in the late 1990s. Wonka knew that size does indeed matter; Nerds Ropes come in at
a whopping 12 inches long!
As you take that first bite, that crackling crunch of the Nerds candy makes way for a gummy candy center. The textures are exciting, and, of course, the flavors are top-notch.
As you experience the satisfying crackling sensation of this Nerds Rope, you'll taste the 90's in every bite!

#5. Creme Savers Candy


Creme Savers - 90s Candy - Top 12 Candy from the 90s - Nostalgic Candy
This hard candy is creamy and dreamy and boasts a velvety smooth texture like no other!
The Creme Savers Candy was brought to us in the 90s by Lifesavers, except this luscious hard candy had no hole in the middle.
A favourite among all those combat boot-wearing teenagers and your grandmother, Creme Savers was a hit all across the board!
Made with a base of white and a swirl of incredible flavor throughout, Creme Savers Candy offers intense and lingering fruity flavors. One will never do; that ultra-creamy texture is undeniably luscious!
As you unwrap this hard candy gem, the aroma will get you right away. Your mouth will yearn for more, and with every candy, that sweet and succulent swirl will be all yours! Crunch through them or slowly savour that velvety texture; every taste is truly remarkable!
Experience the 90s once again with the Creme Savers Candy!

#6. Sour Punch


Sour Punch - Sour Punch Straws - 90s Candy - Sour Candy - Nostalgic Candy
This sour candy made its stinging debut in 1990. Sour Punch is a slender and chewy candy complete with a sanded sugar finish. This sour candy offers incredible texture along with fruity and sour notes.
If your looking for a truly zesty candy, Sour Punch straws will have you sourly satisfied. Available in various flavors like grape, strawberry and blue rasberry. 
As of late, the intriguing flavor of Pickle Roulette is a popular choice. This flavor offers green apple, lemon-lime, watermelon, and pickle. A must-try for any pickle-loving enthusiast.
Besides the Sour Punch straws. they also has included the Sour Punch Bites into the mix. They come in various flavors and are the perfect bite-size candy!
As you bite through this sour marvel of candy, that zesty scent will have you craving its entirety. That crystal sugar coating will stick to your lips, but you won't mind a bit. Every chewy bite is a sourful sensation, delivering a true taste of the 90s in every bite!
Knock out your sour cravings with a Sour Punch!

#7. Dunkaroos


Dunkaroos - 90s Candy
A sweet spot in the 90's was the famous taste of Dunkaroos!
Thanks to our friend Betty Crocker, these were always a great snack to have on hand. These little packs included some crunchy cookies along with some sweet icing to dip them into.
The first flavor we had in Dunkaroos was cinnamon. These crunchy critters were kangaroo-shaped cookies that came along with an irresistible chocolate and vanilla frosting.
Finding a package of Dunkaroos as an after-school snack was a win. Perhaps eating more than one package, Dunkaroos are filled with the nostalgia of the 90s!
The line of Dunkaroos has expanded as of late. Not only offering those incredible original cookies and icing but now this line includes a pancake mix, cereal and some Dunkaroos vanilla icing!
When adulting gets too hard, there's nothing like a taste of Dunkaroos!

#8. Too Tarts

Too Tarts - Sour Candy - 90s Candy
If you're longing for a taste of the 90s, nothing is as iconic as Too Tarts spray candy!
Feeding us with its tangy and tart flavors, this sour candy is definitely a keeper. Originally a liquid candy that came in a dropper, perfect for whenever your craving for sour candy became unbearable!
Now, the Too Tarts lineup includes a roller version, a squeezable candy and a candy spray. Whatever the form of this sour candy it's sure to wake up your taste buds and have you reeling with an intense tart taste.
We know you're all grown up now, but to experience once again that candy rush of the 90's, we suggest the the Too Tarts Sour Triple Squeeze Candy.  Offering three separate flavors. Squeeze for the taste of blueberry, green apple and strawberry. Each compartment comes with a lid, so you can have some now and save the rest for later.
You're never too old for the thrilling taste of Too Tarts!

#9. Gushers

Gushers- 90s candy - fruit gushers
We've been gushing over these since the 90s! 
Gushers made their fruity debut in 1991 thanks to Betty Crocker. She must have known we'd been craving an explosive fruit-filled snack.
Our mothers thought they were an essential part of brown-bagged lunches. To us kids of the 90s, opening up a package of Gushers was pure happiness!
Made with a soft and chewy texture with an oozing middle of incredible flavors. Originally there were two flavors, including strawberry splash and gushin grape.
But now, to suit our grown-up tastebuds, Gushers has added some all-new flavours to the mix, such as super sour berry and a must-try tropical mix. As you embark on eating Gushers, that sweet scent will get you every time. That first bite will release a cascading and flavorful ooze of fruity goodness. We know how important it is to get your servings of fruit in!
Perfect for a convenient snack, lunch or a sweet indulgence. The taste Of Gushers never gets old!

#10. Sweetarts - Giant Chewy

Sweetarts - Giant Chewy - 90s Candy - Wonka Candy - Retro Candy
Willy Wonka has always had a hold of our tastebuds, and this giant candy is no exception!
The Giant Sweetarts are of burly size. When these hit the store shelves in the 90's we just couldn't wait
to get a giant taste of this Wonka Candy!
They swept us off our grunge-loving feet! Made in a bigger size than the original, and of course, that just meant more candy.
These disc-shaped candies are filled with a delicious fruity scent. Made for hefty candy cravings, as you crumble your way through this whimsical wonderment of Wonka, you'll be transported right back to the 90s!
Added to the line of Sweetarts are also the Giant Sweetarts Chewy. Made with the same incredible flavors but offer a remarkable and chewy texture.
We've come a long way since the 1990s, but nothing offers us that Wonka satisfaction like the Giant Sweetarts!

#11. Hershey's Cookies N' Creme

Hershey's Cookies N Creme - 90s Candy - Chocolate Bars
We became sweetly enamoured with this Hershey's chocolate bar!
The Hershey's Cookies N' Creme was just the white chocolate bar we had been looking for. Proving to be a hit right from the start, this Hershey's Chocolate Bar made its dazzling debut in 1994. White chocolate lovers have never looked back. This Hershey's chocolate was the "one"!
Made with a base of smooth and creamy white chocolate along with bits of crunchy chocolate cookies throughout. Every bite is filled with both a creamy sensation and that undeniably delicious crunch.
One of the very first white chocolate bars that went mainstream, the Hershey's Cookies N' Creme remains a loved white chocolate bar choice.
Experience the 90's one bite at a time with Hershey's!

#12. Toxic Waste Candy

Toxic Wast Candy - Sour Candy - 90s Candy - Retro Candy
The sour sparks were flying in the 90s thanks to Toxic Waste candy!
Coming with a warning label that stated "hazardously sour" just made this candy all that more appealing. Offering a hard candy form in a Toxic Waste-looking drum. Inside every sour candy was a tongue-lashing!
This sour candy was certainly a favourite, unleashing its cringe-inducing flavors on millions of sour candy lovers everywhere. Toxic Waste could be an instant retreat for some, especially a sour candy newbie. But for the ultimate connoisseurs of sour this is the chosen candy.
As you unwrap one of these feisty candies, get ready for a serious punch of sour. You've got about ten seconds before this sour candy wreaks havoc on your taste buds. 
This stinging sour candy found huge success and has now expanded its line of sourness. Including the Toxic Waste Smog Balls, Toxic Waste Gummy Bears, and the viral sensation the Toxic Waste Slime Lickers! 
Slime Lickers stole the sour candy spotlight as they were featured on TikTok. Luring millions of unsuspecting victims into an abyss of sour.
One taste of this sour candy and you'll be reliving all that teenage angst. Capture your glory days with Toxic Waste Candy!

What was your favorite 90s candy?

On the verge of an exciting new millennium, one taste of our 90s candy and you'll be feeling all that Y2K hysteria again.
But alas, we survived with our crimped hair, acid-washed jeans and the sweet refuge of handfuls of candy in our hands.
Turn up that Vanilla Ice and unwrap the 90s one candy at a time!
Tell us which 1990s candy have you tried? Which candy will you try next?

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