Nerds Rope Rainbow Candy - .92 oz.

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Ridiculously Good Rainbow Candy 

Nerds Rope Rainbow Candy definitely wrapped a lasso around us and roped us in with their deliciously sweet string candy! Okay, less string, more rope as the name suggests. If you love Nerds candy and have yet to try the Nerds Rope Rainbow Candy then you gotta pick up the pace and try it ASAP!

The first bite of this heavenly sweet treat will be met with a layer of classic Nerds candy and a chewy gummy rope that binds all it together. Sweeten your day with this outstanding treat and get your friends in on the action by sharing a couple bites wherever you can – not a must, of course! You can bust these bad boys out any time of the day, during a movie, sporting event or just in front of the TV whenever the craving hits. 

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0.92oz (26g)

Made in the USA