Fruit Gushers Flavor Mixers - 4.25oz

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Fruit Gushers are Bursting with Flavor

Delight your sense when you take a bite into the Fruit Gushers Flavor Mixers. Each bite will burst with sensational fruit flavors. Nothing can beat that overwhelming sweet gooey jelly in the center of every gushers. Whether you're a fan of classic Fruit Gushers flavors, or looking to try something new, Fruit Gushers Flavor Mixers has something for everyone. These sweet treats are perfect for snacking on the go, or as a fun addition to your lunchbox. 

You know you cant resist these tasty sweets, how could you deprive yourself of such a treat! The juicy flavors in this pack include strawberry peach, raspberry lemonade and orange cherry. If you consider yourself a sucker for all things sweet & fruity, this is exactly what you need in your arsenal of snacks. 

4.25oz (120g) 

Made in the USA