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Top 12 Candy from the 1940s

1940s candy is legendary!

The 1940s had somewhat of a sad start. Ushered in by World War Two, this decade would be a tumultuous one.

However, there was a bright side: television was now in color for a few who could afford it. The Polaroid camera made its debut. The sound of swing music and jazz was the soundtrack to this decade, and there was some delicious candy to be had!
Even with some ingredients being rationed, the candy that emerged from the 1940s is simply incredible!

Discover this candy from the 1940s...

#1. Almond Joy

Almond Joy - 1940s Candy - Chocolate Bars
They must have been a little nutty in the 1940s! The Almond Joy Bar made its delicious debut in 1946. This chocolate bar features a filling of mouthwatering chewy coconut, covered in a rich layer of milk chocolate and finished with two almonds on either half.
Every bite of the Almond Joy Bars is joyously chewy and a must for any coconut lover! We're sure the happiness of the Almond Joy Candy Bar was devoured by the sultry sound of jazz playing in the background!
Taste some 1940s joy with Almond Joy!

#2. Jolly Rancher

Jolly Rancher - 1940s Candy
This beloved old-fashioned candy was brought to us in 1949 and made with love by husband and wife team Bill and Dorthy Hamsel.
The name Jolly Rancher was used to imply some Western hospitality!
Originally, Jolly Rancher was only available in its classic hard candy form. Today, the varieties of Jolly Rancher can be enjoyed in various forms. 
Available in gummy candy, lollipops, gelatin dessert mixes, jelly beans and even drink mixes!
The line of hard candy choices has also expanded to include many flavours. However, any Jolly Rancher candy has a thrilling and intense flavor!
 Get to feeling "jolly" with the classic taste of Jolly Rancher!

#3. Bazooka Bubble Gum

Bazooka Bubble Gum - 1940s Candy
We've been chewing this classic bubble gum since 1947!
Bazooka Bubble Gum contains that iconic pink and juicy bubble flavor we all love. 
Believe it or not, this bubble gum once sold for one cent, and a comic strip was included in every piece.
Bazooka Gum no longer includes a comic but now has added some nifty brain teasers in the packaging.
We imagine the masses consumed this bubble gum as they proceeded to practice their latest swing dancing moves!
A classic and beloved bubblegum that's been carefully taken out of our hair peeled off of our faces and stepped on more times than we can count. But Bazooka remains a favourite bubble gum! Get into the bubbly fun with Bazooka Bubble Gum!

#4. Junior Mints

Junior Mints - 1940s Candy


These refreshing little chocolate candies made their famous debut in 1949!
Made with a sumptuous middle of tender peppermint surrounded by a layer of dark chocolate.
Junior Mints were named after a famous Broadway show, " Junior Miss". This old-fashioned candy has always been synonymous with the silver screen. A widely consumed candy at the movie theatre. Perfect for leaving you feeling a little fresh for your date!
Although the classic form of Junior Mints remains the same, they have added some seasonal treats to the mix. Including a crunchy rendition the Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch. A pastel-colored Easter Candy and a red and white-hued Valentine's Day Candy!
Nothing beats that classic taste of peppermint and chocolate! Junior Mints are a must-have candy for any candy enthusiast!

#5. Fun Dip

Fun Dip - Wonka Candy - 1940s Candy
One of the very best sugar rushes money can buy! Fun Dip candy is a distinctively sweet powdered candy with a yummy dipping candy sticks!
This candy made its debut in 1942. We're sure that Fun Dip has been licked and dipped on billions of hungry fingertips worldwide!
Originally, this old fashioned candy was known as Lik-M-Aid until it emerged in the seventies as Fun Dip. Fun Dip gained immense popularity when it became part of the Wonka Candy collection.
When it first arrived, this powdered candy came in the flavors of cherry and orange. Today, the flavors of Fun Dip include a wide variety of incredible flavors.
Whether you dump the entire package directly into your mouth, eat the candy stick first and have to use your fingers, nothing comes close to the taste of Fun Dip!

#6. York Peppermint Pattie

York Peppermint Pattie - 1940s Candy
This minty fresh candy made its cool debut in 1940. The York Peppermint Patty is a round and refreshing peppermint enrobed in a coating of robust dark chocolate.
Loved for generations by millions of mint and chocolate lovers, this old-fashioned candy is just as popular today as it was in the 40s.
Originally made in Pennsylvania until it was acquired by Hershey's in 1998.
Be just as dapper and cool as they were in the 1940s with the York Peppermint Pattie!

#7. Smarties Candy

Smarties Candy - 1940s Candy
These round little pastel candies have been enjoyed since 1949. Smarties Candy in America is what Canadian folks call Rockets Candy, and Smarties Candy in Canada consist of chocolate-filled candies.
Smarties Candy comes in a colourful roll and remains a famous Halloween Candy!
Made in a tablet-like form, Smarties will deliciously crumble in your mouth with every bite. Exuding its distinctive sweet and tart aroma, this old-fashioned candy just can't be forgotten!
Be a sweet smarty pants like they were in the 40s with Smarties Candy!

#8. M&M's Candy

M&Ms Candy - 1940s Candy
This famous old fashioned candy made its delcioius debut in 1941. It was brought to us by Forrest Mars, the son of Frank Mars, yes, that famous Mars family!
During the Spanish Civil War, Forrest noticed the soldiers eating bits of chocolate covered in a hard candy shell. He was intrigued. When Forrest returned home to America, he partnered with Bruce Murrie.
It wasn't long after that the legendary M&M's Candy was born.
In case you've ever wondered what M&M stands for, it's the creators Mars and  Murrie.
Melting in our mouths, M&M candy boasts colorful hard candy shells with a milk chocolate middle. Available in countless flavors, M&M candies are a candy staple in any candy lover's rotation!
Melting our tastebuds, M&Ms are a candy legend!

#9. Whoppers Candy

Whoppers Candy - 1940s Candy
This old-fashioned candy made its crunchy debut in 1949!
Whoppers Candy are a round chocolate-covered malt ball that offers a delectable, crunchy texture in every bite!
These whoppingly delicious chocolate candies are a popular movie-time treat. They provide a sweet chaser after all that salty popcorn!
Whoppers Candy are a classic candy that have remained the same throughout the years. Added to the Whoppers Candy line up are now an Easter Candy rendition, Whoppers Robin Eggs and a Christmas candy, Whoppers Snowballs.
We're sure that the likes of Whoppers were crunched through while waving outside of those swanky jazz clubs!
Have a taste of the 40s with the famous taste of Whoppers Candy!

#10. Mike And Ike

Mike and Ike - 1940s Candy


This dynamically delicious duo made its debut in 1940. Mike And Ike have been happily devoured for generations by candy lovers of all ages!
Offering bright and colorful candies originally available in the flavors of cherry and licorice. 
While no one knows exactly why this candy is called Mike and Ike, some believe it's based on an old comic strip. Whatever the reason behind the name, this pair has been on our lips for decades!
Produced by the Just Born Candy company Mike And Ike expanded in the 1960s adding root beer and cotton candy to the mix of flavors.
Today these chewy gems of delcioiusness are available in a range of incredible flavors. Including Red-Rageous, Berry Blast, the mega mix and also sour flavors. If thats not enough to fill your need for this old fashioned candy there is also a scented candle!
Despite many rumors of a breakup, these two yummy pals aren't going anywhere!
Long live the remarkable sweet duo, Mike And Ike!

#11. Dots Candy

Doys Candy - Gumdrops - 1940s Candy
Dots Gum Drops have been hungrily enjoyed since their debut in 1945. This colourful candy are the best gumdrops in existence, with a soft jelly-like texture and fantastically fruity flavours.
The original flavors of Dots Candy have remained the same throughout the years. These include cherry, strawberry, lemon, lime and orange. However some new flavors have come out in recent years. Including Dots Tropical, Dots Lump Of Coal and our favourite, a sour candy rendition, the Dots Sour.
We imagine these gum drops were enjoyed while families gathered around the radio to listen to their latest soap operas!
With one taste of Dots Candy you'll be exclaiming "goody goody gumdrops!"

#12. Allan Hot Lips

Allan Hot Lips - 40s Candy
Shaped like a full and pouty set of red lips, the Allan Hot Lips made their sweet and sultry-looking debut in the 1940s. These hot and spicy cinnamon-infused, luscious lips are a famous Canadian Candy. 
Initially made in Hamilton, Ontario, and now acquired by the Hershey Company. Hot Lips are chewy and tender and offer a sweet and sizzling hit of fiery cinnamon.
You'll love to lock lips with this candy. One bite, and you'll be craving more of their mouthwatering chewiness and long-lasting taste.
This old-fashioned candy will set your taste buds ablaze with sweet longing. You'll find yourself reminiscing about your very first kiss!
Taste the sizzle of the 1940s with Allan Hot Lips!

So many stories could be told about 1940s candy!

Perhaps the 1940s were not the most exciting decade, but the candy certainly had some staying power!
The world would see some drastic changes in the next decade, but the candy of the 1940s would remain a sweet commodity.
Which 1940s candy will you try next?

Browse memory lane with all the Retro Candy!

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