Junior Mints Theatre Pack - 3.5oz

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Junior Mints are a 1940s Candy!

This retro candy is an iconic pairing with your fresh buttery popcorn! Since 1949 Junior Mints have grown a loyal mint chocolate-loving fanbase. The mint nougat filling is encased in a rich dark chocolate coating leaving you feeling refreshed and entirely satisfied! If you like cooling your senses and taking your taste buds on a delightful ride, then we suggest grabbing a pack of the Junior Mints Theatre Pack!

These super sharable chocolate candies are the best treat to bring around your candy-loving friends. Junior Mints are a staple in the candy community and hardly ever go uneaten so make sure you have enough to go around, otherwise you’ll be left with an empty box. 

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3.5oz (85g) 

Made in the USA