Taco Bell Creamy Baja Sauce - 12oz

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Squeeze out this Taco Bell Sauce on everything!

Add some zest to your life with the Taco Bell Creamy Baja Sauce. This Taco Bell sauce will deliciously top off any dish in seconds.

A Mexican-inspired tasting sauce filled with the flavors of jalapeno peppers, garlic and red peppers. This Taco Bell sauce is creamy, slightly spicy and tangy!
Use it to perk up any bland dish! Bring your tacos back to life, spread it on your enchiladas or fajitas or use it to add a fresh flavor to salads and even hamburgers!
Impress your dinner guests with this creamy wonder. Transform dinner in seconds with a simple squeeze!
Experience that famous south-of-the-border taste with the Taco Bell Creamy Baja Sauce!