Canadian Candy Eh! Candy Fun Box

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Sorry for this candy box is amazing!

Makes for a great candy gift box!

Have a taste of "home sweet home" with our Canadian Candy Eh? Fun Box!

This candy box is filled with all the most famous Canadian Candies we love. Sure to have you tasting the very sweet nostalgia of Canada.
We boast the CN Tower, some grizzly bears, Tim Hortons, and the Rockies. We apologize too much, but the one thing we're not sorry for is our candy. It really is delicious, eh?
Our Candyologists have gathered all of the best Canadian Candy. Bringing to you a taste of home.
This Candy Box makes the most perfect gift for those who miss the taste of Canada. Or, why not celebrate Canada Day with this tasty box of candy?
Oh, Canada! We salute you and your candy! Indulge in the sweetness with the Canadian Candy Eh? Fun Box!

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