Huer Sour Octopus Gummy Candy - 1kg

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Dive Into the World of Sour Gummies! 

The sea has some pretty interesting creatures floating around and some are actually quite tasty – The Huer Sour Octopus Gummy Candy, that is! This 8-legged gummy is colorful and packed with fruity flavors that will leave your taste buds buzzing. The chewy texture is so satisfying since you can really enjoy the variety of fruity flavors each gummy offers. The soft gummy is also coated in an irresistible sour sugar that will leave your mouth watering! 

Huer gummies are bulk candy that can be enjoyed with practically any occasion, whether it's a wedding anniversary, kids birthday party or simply to enjoy by oneself. Huer Sour Octopus Gummies will be loved by any one with a mouth so make sure you’re stocked up if you’re hosting a big party because these sour gummies will be gone before you know it! 

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35.27oz (1kg) 

Made in the USA