Schluckwerder Marzipan Loaves - 50g

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This Marzipan candy is exquisite!

Be sweetly indulged with the taste of marzipan. The Schkluckwerder Marzipan Loaves are imported from Germany. This delicious treat features a finely ground almond confection coated in a layer of robust dark chocolate. It's wrapped in an elegant-looking gold foil for a sophisticated look.
It is often enjoyed as a Christmas candy, but it makes a sweet treat for any time!
Marzipan is beyond an old fashion candy. It's believed to have appeared in the 16th century. Historians can't quite pinpoint the country of origin. Some believe it's Germany, others Italy, and some think it comes from ancient Persia.
This intense almond-flavored paste was thought to have gotten Germany through a famine when there was no flour for bread; they ate marzipan—using ground almonds, sugar and sometimes spices.
Discover a new favorite candy with the Schluckwerder Marzipan Loaves!