Reese's Variety Pack 18ct

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Shake Up Snack Time with Reese’s Variety Pack! 

The ultimate chocolate treat for the ultimate Reese's fan! Reese’s Variety Pack is packed with different Reese’s chocolate bars that are sure to settle that aching sweet tooth of yours! Each variety pack comes with 5 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, 4 Reese’s White Creme Cups, 5 Reese’s Fast Break, and 4 Reese’s Take Five.

If that sounds like a mouth full (pun intended) well, that’s because it is!

For any Reese’s lover, this is surely a dream come true! You can use the variety pack as delicious stocking stuffers, party snacks, or simply indulge in them on your own time because you deserve it! But if you’re feeling generous, then we suggest sharing these delectable peanut butter chocolate treats with your friends and family – spread the love!

28oz (795g)

Made in the USA