Reese's Fast Break Super King Size - 5.25oz

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Something very big from Reese's!

Satisfy your Reese's craving lightning fast with the Reese's Fast Break Super King Size!

Made for the hungriest of the hungry! This big boy boasts a middle of a chewy nougat. Topped off with the famous Reese's Peanut Butter, nestled in a coating of rich milk chocolate!
This Reese's bar offers a hefty taste of Reese's magic in every bite! Featuring a chewy excursion in every taste. The sweet and salty notes of that incredible peanut butter are further enhanced by its velvety milk chocolate coating.
Reese's has been satisfying our sweet urges since 1928! Every bite of Reese's is a bite of pure deliciousness!
Indulge yourself and be satisfied in a very big way! With the Reese's Fast Break Super King Size!