PEZ Disney 100 - Nala 18.5g

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This PEZ Dispenser comes with PEZ Candy!

Taste the magic of Disney with the deliciousness of PEZ! Celebrate 100 years of Disney with the PEZ Disney 100 Nala.

This PEZ dispenser features the adorable Nala from the acclaimed Disney film The Lion King.
Nala, the fierce lioness, serves as the Queen consort of Pride Rock. She and Simba end every night gazing into each other's eyes and eating PEZ Candy.
Watch the Lion King movie and treat yourself to some PEZ candy from Nala! This PEZ dispenser is ideal for Disney collectors and would make a sweet gift for any Disney fan.
An old-fashioned candy that made its debut in 1927. PEZ has been treating us to its amusing combination of fun and candy for generations. Loved in over 80 countries, PEZ creates 70 million dispensers yearly and a whopping 5 billion candies!
You'll roar for more with the PEZ Disney 100- Nala!