Oreo Lemon Cookies - Family Size - 530g

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These Oreo Cookies are zesty.

For the zesty and bold cookie lover, nothing compares to the tangy taste of the Oreo Lemon Cookies in the Family Size!

Get your glass of milk ready; America's most dunkable cookie just got a makeover! 
This Oreo Cookie begins with two round golden wafer cookies. Deliciously filled in the middle with a zesty lemon-flavoured creme. 
The first bite and you'll be taken away on a crunchy and zesty-filled journey. As that famous cookie crunch teases, the creamy middle is not far behind. 
Delivering both textures, that famous Oreo Cookie crunch snaps as the lemon-infused creme melts with its zesty glory. Every bite is sweetly spectacular and, of course, in true Oreo procedure, dunkable!
These famous cookies make a satisfying snack anytime. Pack a few in lunches, and enjoy some after dinner. Midnight snack? Yes, please do. Just try to keep the noise down, or you'll have to share!
Enter the zesty word of Oreo, with the Oreo Lemon Cookies in the Family Size!