Mr. Goodbar - 1.75oz

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Mr. Goodbar is a Must Try Classic Candy Bar

As one of Hershey’s original chocolate bars, this delicious mixture of smooth chocolate and crunchy peanuts has earned the right to be named one of the best classic chocolate bars in the game! Created in 1925, Mr. Hershey invented this candy bar himself and while he was speaking to an executive, he mistakenly heard him say “Mr. Goodbar” instead of “that's a good bar”, and that has been the name of this iconic bar ever since. 

If you consider yourself a chocolate connoisseur, and you have yet to try this candy, this needs to be at the top of your “must buy” list!! The sensational blend of smooth milk chocolate and scattered peanuts solidifies why Mr. Goodbar has been in production since the 20s. 

1.75oz (46.9g) 

Made in the USA