McCormick's Sour Cherry Balls - 1 kg

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Suffer Through the Sweet Sourness! 

Get ready to experience the super sour sensation of McCormick’s Sour Cherry balls! This classic Canadian candy will sweeten your day and instantly take you on a trip to sour town! Pop one of these sour candies in your mouth and let the face twisting sensation begin. If you enjoy enduring the shock of sour candy then McCormicks Sour Cherry Balls are just the thing for you! You can also use this sweet cherry candy to prank your siblings by pretending it's a simple cherry snack and sit back and enjoy the show as the sweet and sour candy works its magic! 

McCormick’s has bulk candy so the Sour Cherry Balls come in a big ‘ol bag that will be enough to enjoy for many nights to come, or you can even bust them out during a fun get-together for others to enjoy! 

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  • 35.27oz (1kg) 

    Made in Canada