Lays Prik Pao Cheese Chips (Thailand) - 40g

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Exotic Snacks from Thailand!

Indulge in a savoury taste from Thailand with Lay's Prik Pao Cheese Potato Chips! 
These Lays potato chips are made with a popular condiment used in Thailand.
Prik Pao is a blend of roasted chillies, shallots and garlic. Lay'ss has blended this unique and spicy taste with cheese, creating a dynamic and layered flavor!
As you deliciously crunch your way through these potato chips, all those flavorful notes come alive, delivering the perfect bite!
Lay's has been making the potato chips of our dreams since 1932. They offer innovative and unique flavors with that perfect crunch!
Discover Thailand with the Lays Prik Pao Cheese Potato Chips!