Koala Sour Cream Soda Float Candies-1 kg

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Savor the Sensational Cream Soda Sour Candy

If you’ve ever had a cream soda float you can imagine how tasty this gummy candy is. The Koala Sour Cream Soda Float is a deliciously sweet and sour candy that is shaped to resemble classic glass bottles from back in the day. Each gummy is also packed with a sweet cream soda flavor that could make anyone melt after the first bite. The pink gummies are also coated in an irresistible sour sugar that gives it an extra kick to make you pucker with delight! 

Koala candy has bulk gummies for your pleasure should you ever get hit with an intense sweet craving. But the bulk candy is also a great addition to any event you host to ensure your guests can add a bit of sweetness to their day! 

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35.27oz (1kg) 

Made in Holland