Huer Sour Peach Slices Gummy - 1kg

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Treat Your Taste Buds With Sour Peach Gummies! 

Sit back, relax and indulge in the delicious Huer Sour Peach Slices Gummy! These little soft gummies are remarkably tasty – evenly balancing between sweet and sour flavors. When you take your first bite you will notice the chewy gummy texture but then be hit with an overwhelming peach flavor-wave! It's hard to resist this sweet candy when it has also been layered in a juicy sour coating. 

If you find yourself to be extremely keen on enjoying peach gummies, then Huer Sour Peaches are for you!! This bulk candy comes with more than enough pieces for you or your friends to heavily indulge in. Be careful not to turn a blind eye to these sour gummies because they could be swiped from your candy pantry before you know it! Keep them safe, and enjoy!

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35.27oz (1kg) 

Made in the USA