Huer Sour Assorted Turtles - 1kg

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Sensational Sour Turtles!!!

These could be considered snapping turtles the way the sour candy snaps you into place! The Huer Sour Assorted Turtles are colorful gummies loaded with a sour sugar coating, making each bite as exciting as the last. These soft gummies will have your taste buds addicted to their sour fruity flavor. Coming in a variety of fun colors, one sour turtle will never be enough so that's why they come in a bulk bag! 

Don’t worry about running out of your fav candy because Huer sells bulk candy that will satisfy your sweet tooth for days at a time! The bulk gummies are the perfect treat for parties, social events or a fun family movie night! We just want to warn you that once you start munching on these sweet n sour gummies, they’ll be pretty hard to put down. Just thought we’d give you that disclaimer. 

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35.27oz (1kg) 

Made in the USA