Hershey Scented Candle - 85g

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Scented Candle from Hershey's!

Now, you can be surrounded by the intoxicating scent of Hershey's Chocolate all day long. 

The Hershey's Scented Candle is brimming with the rich and delectable flavor of creamy milk chocolate.
As you light this scented candle, you'll be indulged by that incredible scent of Hershey's. Set the mood for a delicious and welcoming scent with the rich and robust tones of Hershey's milk chocolate.
This aromatic scented candle is cozy and warm and adds the perfect ambiance to any room. Great to use at home or the office, sure to have your clients and guests happily intrigued!
Relax by candlelight and take in the sweet essence of milk chocolate with the Hershey's Scented Candle.