Haribo Unicorn-I-Licious Gummy Candy - 5oz

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Gummilicious candy from Haribo!

Long ago, the mythical unicorn roamed the earth. Haribo has captured these whimsical beings with the Haribo Unicorn-I-Licioius Gummy Candy!

This Haribo candy is colorful and includes an assortment of delicious flavors. As you make your way through this gummy candy, you'll taste the exquisite flavors of cotton candy, banana, apple, tangerine, blue raspberry and berry punch.
Every unicorn-shaped gummy candy will take your taste buds on a magical tasting journey!
Haribo Candy has been treating us to its old-fashioned candy since 1922. Famous for creating the world's first gummy bears, Haribo boasts an array of various gummies available in all sorts of fun colors, shapes and sizes!
Find your happily ever after with the Haribo-I-Licious Gummy Candy!