Haribo Fruitmania Lemon - 160g

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Zesty & Tasty Lemon Gummy! 

Get ready to pucker your lips with the citrusy Haribo Fruitmania Lemon candy! This assortment of gummies will have your mouth watering after the first bite. Each Haribo gummy is brightly colored and soft to touch. When you bite into the lemon gummies you will experience a wave of zesty flavors that include Orange, Lemon, Lime, Blood-Orange and Pink-Grapefruit. Be careful when you open the bag because your senses will lose itself in a wave of citrusy goodness and the delicious gummies will be gone before you know it! Add an exciting zest to your day with Haribo Fruitmania Lemon. 

5.6oz (160g)

Made in Germany