Albanese Spooktacular Gummi Mix - 2.27kg

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This Halloween candy is sweetly spooky!

Make it sweet and spooky with the Albanese Spooktacular Gummi Mix! This bulk candy will please a crowd.
A must-have Halloween candy for the ultimate lover of gummy candy. Inside this colorful mix, you'll happily discover some festive-looking gummy candy like jack-o-lanterns, some sweet kittens, tangy apples and a witch's broomstick! The perfect Halloween candy mix!
These gummies offer a tangy, fruity flavor and a soft and chewy texture. Perfect for your Halloween party! 
An excellent choice for a candy buffet or candy bar. Or use them to create some delicious party favors for your guests!
Don't be scared stiff this Halloween, be sweetly spooked with the Albanese Spooktacular Gummi Mix!