Galaxy Caramel Bar (UK) - 48g

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This Galaxy Chocolate Bar is from the UK!

Embark on a delectable journey with the Galaxy Caramel Bar!
This exquisite British chocolate is rich, luscious and ready to make you marvel!
As you open up this chocolate bar, that aroma of milk chocolate will take your taste buds to new and mouthwatering heights! One bite and that luscious, cascading caramel oozes along with the milk chocolate. Creating a bite of pure perfection!
The golden caramel is the most captivating part of this British Chocolate. It's silky, creamy and irresistible!
Galaxy Chocolate has been sweetly spoiling us with its finely milled, smooth chocolate since 1960. Creating a luscious chocolate experience in each and every bite!
Land among the stars with the Galaxy Caramel Bar!