Galaxy Smooth Caramel Block (UK) - 135g

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This Galaxy Bar is very smooth!

Land among the stars with the Galaxy Smooth Caramel Block. This British chocolate is rich and creamy and made with a pair of delectable flavors.

As you prepare to take that first bite, you'll marvel at the aroma of the rich scent of milk chocolate. Biting through this British chocolate bar is quite an excursion. The smooth and silky milk chocolate holds a middle of cascading caramel. 
Every bite is ultra creamy and smooth, and the caramel brings all the delicious drama. Becoming the captivating highlight of this British Chocolate.
Galaxy chocolate has been shaking up taste buds all across the universe since 
1960. Creating a finely milled chocolate with a decadently luscious chocolate texture.
Experience an out-of-this-world chocolate with the Galaxy Smooth Caramel Block!