eFrutti Movie Bag

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Candy's Leading Role for Your Taste Buds!

Roll out the red carpet for a blockbuster treat with eFrutti Movie Bag! This candy collection is ready to steal the spotlight and satisfy your cravings all in one bite.

Step into a world of delicious entertainment with gummy candies that are as playful as they are flavorful. From mini burgers to cola bottles, every piece is a star in its own right. The gummies are bursting with fruity taste, making your taste buds jump up for an encore!

It doesn’t matter if you're watching a classic or the latest release, eFrutti Movie Bag is your ultimate movie night companion. It's the candy that knows how to play the leading role in turning your movie time into a memorable treat-fest. Grab your bag, take a seat, and let the candy show begin! 

2.7oz (77g)

Made in the USA