Chubby Reggae Gold Soda - 250mL

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Taste the Caribean with Chubby Soda!

Here's your chance to be Carribean cool! The Chubby Raggae Gold Soda offers a tangy taste of apple juice. Complete with the fizzy addition of carbonation, making it a refreshing and bubbly soda pop!

As you sip this Chubby Soda, the fresh flavor of the apple becomes a delicious redemption for that thirst. It's a quenching soda pop made with a sweet and crisp taste. A golden taste of the Carribean!
Chubby Soda has been providing its revitalizing taste since 1993, coming out of Trinidad and Tobago before making its way to North America.
Cheers to the golden taste of the Chubby Reggae Gold Soda!