Cadbury Premium Dark Bar - 100g

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This Cadbury is made in Canada!

Taste the indulgence with Cadbury Premium Dark Chocolate Bar. This Canadian chocolate bar is bold and robust, with an intense taste of exquisite dark chocolate.

Upon opening this Cadbury bar, you'll be mesmerized by its sweet and intense chocolatey scent. Releasing its signature Cadbury aroma, luring you to an irresistible dark chocolate venture.
As you bite through this dark decadence, you'll happily experience its smooth and silky texture with a rich and lingering dark chocolate flavor.
It's a dark chocolate lover's dream, delivering pure satisfaction in every taste.
Cadbury has been making moments sweeter since 1824. Treating us to delicious renditions of its one-of-a-kind chocolate bars and countless confections. Nothing quite compares to our love of Cadbury!
Experience the dark side with Cadbury Premium Dark Chocolate Bar!