Christopher's Big Cherry Milkshake - 1.75oz

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An old fashioned candy from the 30s

Shake up your taste buds with the Christopher's Big Cherry Milkshake Candy Bar! Deliciously delivering to you the ultimate "cherry on top." 

Christopher's Big Cherry Milkshake has a luscious middle of a whole cherry, surrounded by a creamy filling, covered in a rich layer of chocolate and chopped peanuts!
As you bite through this cherry and chocolate treat, you'll be tickled pink by its intense cherry flavour paired with the richness of the chocolate. It's a mouthful of sheer bliss!
This old fashioned candy has been loved since the 1930s. Made with a taste of nostalgia in every bite sure to take you back in time!
Find the cherry you've been looking for with the Christopher's Big Cherry Milkshake!