AirHeads Xtremes Bluest Raspberry Candy - 2oz

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Sour Candy from Airheads!

Chase those blues away with the Airheads Xtremes Bluest Raspberry Candy.

Colourful and awesomely chewy, this Airheads Candy comes in thin and stretchy candy belts.
Filled with the bluest of Raspberry flavours, each and every bite has that knock-your-socks-off wow factor.
Finished with a coating of tangy-tasting sugar, adding to the Xtreme texture and taste.
Every once in a blue moon, we get the perfect sour candy. Experience blue like never before with the Airheads Xtremes Bluest Raspberry Candy!
  • American Candy made by Perfetti Van Melle
  • Airheads are a Retro Candy from the 1980s