Air Heads Vocalicious Gummies - 6oz

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Introducing the latest in confectionary innovation from Air Heads — Air Heads Vocalicious Gummies! These sensationally sweet and chewy gummies are an edible marvel that alters your voice with every bite!

The following fruity flavours will have you sounding like these icons! 

  • Cherry —> Kris Jenner
  • Strawberry —> Paris Hilton
  • Green Apple —> Giannis
  • Lemon —> Lil Jon
  • Pineapple —> Shaggy
  • Raspberry —> DJ Khaled 

These are the perfect party favour to make every evening memorable and fun! Whip these out during karaoke night and give your friends a show-stopping performance as Shaggy! 

Whether you’ve been craving a new gummy candy or have been looking for something sweet to excite you, the Air Heads Vocalicious Gummies are everything your taste buds have been searching for!