Top 12 Candy from the 80s

Top 12 Candy from the 80s

80s candy were "totally radical"

To get ready for this blog, we suggest you get your legwarmers on, wear a bright neon sweater and maybe tease your hair high, very high!
Welcome to the 1980s; the colors were blindingly bright, sweatbands were a fashion statement, and electric blue mascara was all the rage.
We fell in love with our alien friend E.T. and proceeded to practice Michael Jacksons' moonwalk anywhere we could. All this while eating handfuls of 1980s candy!
The world was "totally radical," and so was the candy!

Here is our Top 12 Candy Of The 80s.....

#1. Push Pop

Push Pop - Candy from the 80s - 80s Candy - Lollipop
We never even had to get our hands all sticky with the epic taste of the Push Pop! These lollipops come in an innovative container, allowing you to push up the lollipop. This was a genius lollipop, have some now and save some for later!
Push Pop was all the rage in the 80s. You could carry it anywhere, and it fit perfectly into a pocket. 
Originally, the famous Push Pop Lollipop had two flavors: cherry and grape. Eventually the flavors of Push Pop became available in a variety of other flavors.
Today, these lollipops have grown to include the ever-popular "Triple Power Pop," which is triple the size and offers three flavors all in one lollipop! 
The Push Pop brand now includes a huge range of flavors to choose from, along with an assortment of delicious gummy candy!
Nothing beats holding a Push Pop in your mouth while trying to perform some break dance moves of the 80s!

#2. Nerds Candy

Nerds Candy - Wonka Candy - Candy from the 80s - 80s Candy - Retro Candy
Perhaps the most famous Wonka Candy of all time! Nerds Candy are tiny, tangy and crunchy little nuggets of pure deliciousness!
This retro candy made its big debut in 1971 when it was featured in the film, "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory." Nerds became a reality in 1983 when we could really taste Wonka's candy vision!
Originally Nerds Candy came in a dual-chambered box, and the flavors of the 1980's were slim. We had the choice of strawberry and grape or cherry and orange. The introduction of these sweet morsels began our romance of all things Willy Wonka!
The beloved Nerds has expanded greatly, still satisfying our Gen X tastebuds! The lineup of Nerds includes the chewy sensation of Nerds Gummy Clusters, Nerds Ropes and now there is even Nerds Gumballs!
Truly, the best part of being a kid in the 80's was shaking around a box of Nerds!

#3. Cow Tales

Cow Tales - Candy from the 80s - 80s Candy - Retro Candy
Cow Tales made a splash when they hit the shelves in 1984. These creamy creations are long and luscious and offer a coating of caramel along with a creamy middle.
Made by Goetze's Candy Company, also the makers of the famous Bulls Eye Candy. Cow Tales are still eaten until " the cows come home'! How could you resist that smooth and creamy texture and unsurpassed flavors?
This candy offers the classic flavors of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate and has since added an Oreo version and a brownie flavor to the mix.
There are many "tales" from the illustrious 1980s, but none compare to that delicious, sink your teeth into quality of the legendary Cow Tales!

#4. Runts Candy

Runts Candy - Wonka Candy - Candy from the 80s - 80s Candy - Retro Candy
This brightly coloured candy made its fruity debut in 1984. This is the Willy Wonka way of getting in your serving of fruit for the day!
Runts Candy is made in various fruit shapes, along with that bright red heart in the mix. 
Nothing said fun in the 80s than a trip to the corner store and buying a bright orange box of this fruity candy. Most of us would savour one fruit-shaped candy at a time or sort them out into their perspective fruit groups.
Runts Candy has stayed true to its original form since the 1980s. That orange box still signals to us an epic candy! As you open up this box of this once-Wonka candy, you'll discover the fruity shapes of a banana, an orange, strawberries, grapes, green apples and of course, that famous little red heart.
Embrace your fruitiness with the legendary taste of Runts!

#5. Airheads Candy

Airheads Candy - Candy from the 80s - Retro Candy - 80s Candy
Airheads Candy made its sweet and stretchy debut in 1985. Famous for its long and stretchy taffy pull along with its thin and sleek form. Airheads Candy is vibrantly flavored and always hits the spot!
The fun part about his candy has to be the name. I mean, it's original and completely unforgettable! Airheads got its name when Steve Brunner a long-time employee of Perfetti Van Melle. He asked his three sons what they call their friends when they do something silly. One of his sons quickly yelled out, "An Airhead!" thus, the name was born!
Airheads Candy was originally available in a red flavor; fast forward to today, and this taffy candy now offers over 16 different flavors!
As you open an Airheads that sweet scent will immediately have your mouth watering! Every bite is perfectly chewy, and with each bite, those fruity flavours release a long-lasting deliciousness!
Don't be an Airhead; you need this 80's candy!

#6. Sour Power Straws

Sour Power Straws - Sour Candy - Candy from the 80s - 80s Candy - Retro Candy
The thrill of sour candy just never gets old! The Sour Power Straws were all the rage in the 1980's. There wasn't a huge selection of sour candies around, so the Sour Power Straws definitely stood out!
Making their sour debut in 1985, this sour candy is composed of a licorice candy straw shape. Featuring a sanded sugar finish that adds to the texture and taste.
Upon its arrival, Sour Power Straws were only available in a few select flavors; now, this sour candy features over eleven flavors.
This sour candy doubled as a floppy candy microphone as we did our best impressions of Cyndi Lauper or Micheal Jackson.
Keep your sour power alive with the tangy taste of the Sour Power Straws!

#7. Big League Chew

Big League Chew - Bubble Gum - Candy from the 80s - 80s Candy - Retro Candy
Nothing excited us more in the 80s than opening up a bag of this shredded bubble gum! Big League Chew made its "home run" in 1980!
This bubble gum was thought of by pitcher Rob Nelson of the Cleveland Mavericks. He wasn't a fan of chewing tobacco and wanted an alternative. He was in the bullpen during a baseball game, and he says the idea came to him in less than five minutes. 
This bubble gum has been a favourite for generations of bubble gum lovers! Featuring a pouch and its shredded design nothing hits like a giant wad of Big League Chew!
As you open up this innovative pouch, you'll be treated to that sweet scent of fresh and juicy bubblegum! Its unique shredded texture just never gets old. This luscious bubblegum is the equivalent of 26 sticks of gum and offers a succulent taste and texture in every mouthful.
Big League Chew is just as fun today as it was in the 80's! Nothing relieves the stress of adulthood like ripping open a pouch and chewing huge wads of this incredible-tasting bubble gum!

#8. Hubba Bubba

Hubba Bubba - Bubble Gum - Candy from the 80s - 80s Candy
This bubble gum was the first of its kind, offering a unique dispenser so you could have some now and save the rest for later.
Hubba Bubba graced our bubble-blowing, loving mouths in 1988. Each bubble gum dispenser boasts over six feet of gum!
As a child of the 80s this bubble gum was magical. First of all, that dispenser was very amusing, and the thought of all that bubblegum made you feel like you would never ever run out!
When the Hubba Bubba first made its appearance the one flavour available was awesome original, which was a classic pink bubble gum. Over the years, Hubba Bubba has grown to include over ten flavors!
This was the very bubble gum chewed by juicy wads as we practiced our latest break-dancing moves on the playground. It was the most shared bubble gum among friends and probably the most found stuck under all those school desks!
Nothing is as juicy, as luscious as the legendary taste of Hubba Bubba!

#9. Skor Bar

Skor Bar - Candy from the 80s - 80s Candy - Skor Candy Bar
Truly a big "skor" for any chocolate lover's taste buds, the Skor Bar was a number one-selling chocolate bar in the 1980s.
Making its delectable debut in 1981. This Candian chocolate bar was initially made to compete with its American counterpart, the Heath Bar.
Featuring a golden butter toffee in the middle wrapped with a rich coating of milk chocolate. The Skor Bar provides that one of a kind crunch along with its incredible taste.
With each rich-tasting mouthful, that butter toffee melts way to a buttery bliss, and the milk chocolate coating is thick enough but doesn't overpower the entire chocolate bar.
Loved since its sweet conception, the Skor Bar is a perfect 10!

#10. Lotsa Fizz Candy

Lotsa Fizz Candy - Candy from the 80s - 80s Candy - Retro Candy
Providing its fantastic fizziness since the 1980s, Lotsa Fizz Candy just never disappoints. Made with a hard candy coating and a magical-like middle that bursts into an inferno of fizzy and sour candy deliciousness!
Lotsa Fizz candy is action-packed and remains an exciting choice of sour candy to this day.  Its explosive quality adds extra excitement to any candy endeavour.
This explosive Canadian candy continues to thrill us with its fizz. Besides the original strip of candies, Lotsa Fizz is now available in a large-size bag, so you can share in that fun and fizzy quality. Experience the flavors of orange, blue raspberry, grape, cherry and green apple.
This strip of candy hung out of our mouths as we rode our bikes to our friend's houses in a sugar-fueled stupor! Taste the famous "fizz" of the 1980s with the one and only Lotsa Fizz Candy!

#11. Wacky Wafers

Wacky Wafers - Wonka Candy - Candy from the 80s - Retro Candy

We were all a little wacky in the 1980s; just take one look at our sky-high teased bangs!
Wacky Wafers were once part of the Wonka Candy lineup before being produced by Leaf Brands.
These wafers come in a coin-shaped, pastel-coloured candy and are just waiting to crumble in your mouth just like they did in the 1980s. Taste the flavors of banana, green apple, watermelon, orange and strawberry.
As you open up this candy, its sweet scent is invigorating. Made with that big and flavorful crunch that will deliciously melt away in your mouth, leaving behind its delicious and lingering flavor!
You're never too old to be "Wacky"! What are you waiting for? Experience the unforgettable taste of the Wacky Wafers!

#12. Skittles

Skittles - Freeze Dried Skittles - Candy from the 80s - Retro Candy
This colourful retro candy started off in England before making its way across the pond to North America in the early 1980s. Belive it or not, the original name of these candies was "Opal fruits" until it changed upon its arrival to North America to Skittles.
When Skittles first arrived on the candy scene, the flavors were limited to grape, lemon, strawberry and green apple. Today, Skittles is enjoyed in various flavors and forms. Including a sour candy version, gummy candy, and now Skittles even includes a cotton candy in their lineup.
As you prepare to indulge in this 80s candy, the scent will pull you in, reeling your taste buds into a fruity-tasting bliss. Every chewy morsel is filled with remarkable flavours, really allowing you to "Taste The Rainbow."
As you rip open a bag of Skittles, the excitement never gets old. Skittles are vibrantly delicious and offer a sweet and satisfying candy experience in every bite!

Did we miss your 80s Candy?

As we witnessed the 1980s through bad perms, giant shoulder pads and all the blinding neon. we were deliciously amused with all of its incredible 80s candy!
The '80s were fun, exciting, and bright, and of course, the candy was "totally radical!"
Which 80s candy is your favorite, and which one will you try next?

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