Skor Bar- 39g

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A Skor for your tastebuds!

Be a winner and "skor" big with the crisp taste of the Skor Bar! Keep your tastebuds victoriously happy with the ultimate deliciousness of the famous Skor Bar.

Nestled inside this Canadian chocolate bar, there awaits a golden and buttery, crunchy toffee that is sweetly tucked inside a coating of rich and smooth chocolate.
You'll be dually treated to both crunchy and creamy textures. Every taste of the Skor is overwhelmingly delectable. The buttery notes add to the deep flavors of the toffee, sweet and slightly salted. While the rich and chocolatey coating intensifies each of these fantastic flavors.
Introduced in Canada in 1983, Skor candy bars have defeated the hunger of many and have been eagerly crunched on for generations!
Comparable to the Heath Candy Bar, which is a well-loved American classic. The Heath Bar seems to have more of a nutty taste in its center of English Toffee. While the Skor bar seems less sweet overall and has more of a buttery taste. 
The Skor Candy Bar, besides being devoured, also can be used to top off other desserts. Crush it up and sprinkle it on top of ice cream, cupcakes or yogurt. Be satisfied with the unforgettable crunch of Skor!