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Top 10 Candies of the Month - April

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How did April get here so fast? The sun is shining, and Summer is just around the corner. We can hardly wait!

This warmer weather calls for one thing and one thing only: Candy!

As certifiable candy lovers, we must admit we've had more than ten. But here are our Top 10 Candies for April...

#1. Oreo Pokemon Blueberry

Oreo - Oreos - Oreo Cookies - New Oreo - Oreo Cookie - Pokemon Candy - Pokemon Snack

America's most dunkable cookie has brought our pal Pokemon into the mix with the Oreo Pokemon Blueberry!

These Oreo cookies are a must-try for any Oreo cookie fanatic! 

It has two chocolate wafers and an irresistible blueberry ice cream filling!

These Oreos are a must-have cookie for the Summer. Every bite is crunchy, creamy, and brimming with blueberry ice cream-flavored filling. And don't worry—you can still dunk this cookie in your glass of milk!

Catch the Pokemon vibe with the Oreo Pokemon Blueberry!

#2. Lays BLT Sandwich Potato Chips

Lays - Lays Chips - Lay's Chips - Lay's - Savory Snacks - Savory Snack - BLT Chip - Potato Chips

Who could resist biting through this crunchy snack? Not us!

The Lays BLT Sandwich Potato Chips are a delicious play on the classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Every Lays potato chip is expertly seasoned and made with an irresistible "bacon-y" crunch!

In every mouthful, the fantastic and bold flavors of BLT will explode with remarkable taste and texture. 

These Lays chips are the perfect addition to any lunch, after dinner or indulge your savory cravings and enjoy as a midnight snack!

Make it a Lays sort of day with the Lays BLT Sandwich Potato Chips!

#3. World Silly Stix Straws 

Silly Stix - Silly Stix Straws - Candy Straws - Straw Candy - Sour Candy

If you're looking for a sour fix, the World Silly Stix Straws are every sour candy lover's dream!

Made in straw shape and filled in the middle with a yummy sour powdered candy. Eat a little at a time, or if you're a pro, dump the entire contents into your candy-craving mouth!

You'll happily taste the sour candy flavors of tropical punch, orange, cherry and grape!

Enjoy these Silly Straws just as they are, or get creative and sprinkle them on top of gummy candy and even your sad bowl of vanilla ice cream just to perk it up!

Suck up the sour! With the World Silly Stix Straws!

#4. Swizzlers Candy Whistles

British Candy - UK Candy - Toy Candy - Candy Toy - Candy Whistle

At Candy Funhouse, we love to whistle while we work and while we're eating candy.

With the Swizzlers Candy Whistles, you can really have it all! This retro candy has been on our lips since 1977!

It's not only entertaining, allowing you to whistle your favorite tune, but that yummy candy will bring back your childhood candy-eating memories!

Some like to bite right through it or methodically scrape it with their teeth, while others slowly savor it, much like a lollipop. In any case, it's a cool retro candy that will satisfy your sweet tooth and drive your co-workers nuts simultaneously. In our books, that's a winning candy!

#5. Mentos Grape

Mentos Candy - Mentos - Mint Candy - Mentos Grape - Grape Candy

When Mentos and grape collide, it delivers sheer "grapeness"!

These lavender-colored candies start off with a thin, hard candy shell that makes way for a mouthwatering and chewy middle.

Every bite is bursting with the vibrant taste of a fresh bunch of grapes!

If you're a lover of all things grape-flavored, these Mentos will have you smiling from ear to ear!

The perfect candy when you need a little pick-me-up throughout the day. The texture and taste are amazing. Chefs kiss!

Make your day "grape" with the Mentos Grape!

#6. Raindrops Candy Foam

Gag Gift - Toy Candy - Foam Candy - Spray Candy

You might not want raindrops falling on your head but you'll love them in your mouth!

The Raindrops Candy Foam is fun, delicious and a must have sour candy!

This foam style candy is not only a great tasting sour candy but it makes for an excellent party favor. 

Spray on your friends, or spray it on yourself. Get your camera ready for some amusing pics for the gram.

Taste the sour flavors of green apple or blueberry with just a simple spray!

Start spraying the fun with the Raindrops Candy Foam!

#7. Zagnut Bar

Zagnut - Zagnut Bar - Zagnut Chocolate Bar - Peanut Bar - Peanut Candy Bar

Satisfy your crunchy desires with the famous Zagnut Bar!

This old-fashioned candy is old, like really old, but it's highly underrated biting through the Zagnut Bar, your hungry lips will happily crunch through a mouthwatering middle of peanuts wrapped up in layers of toasted coconut.

Every bite releases those deep and toasted notes of peanut and coconut, creating a perfect flavor.

The crunch factor of this candy bar is simply incredible! Sweet and salty, the Zagnut Bar offers a balanced taste of both.

Get into the satisfying crunch with this 1930s gem, the Zagnut Bar!

#8. Pamela Anne's Fudge Cup

Fudge Candy - Creamy Fudge - Fudge - Fudge Bar - Pamela Anne's - Pamela Anne Fudge

Talk about irresistible! Pamela Anne's Fudge Cup is over-the-top delectable!

If you're a fudge lover, this fudge cup is compulsory to add to your arsenal of snacks!

Every bite is velvety, ultra creamy and smooth, offering a sink-your-teeth-into quality that is second to none.

Available in a variety of flavors, every single one is simply incredible! You'll definitely be back for more of this fudge.

This fudge makes a delicious indulgence anytime. Great for a sweet treat after dinner or, of course, the ultimate midnight snack! 

May your cup runneth over with the Pamela Anne's Fudge Cup!

#9. Dare Real Mallow Banana Marshmallows

Marshmallow - Dare - Marshmallow Candy - Dare Candy - Marshmallow Treats

When we're hungry, we never monkey around! The Dare Real Mallow Banana Marshmallows are the absolute perfect candy to satisfy any hungry sweet tooth!

Every banana-shaped candy is soft and creamy and offers that fluffy cloud-like texture.

This Canadian candy makes a fantastic springtime candy. Perfect for sharing with family and friends at picnics in the park, pool parties or backyard BBQs!

With every bite, you'll feel like you're basking under the tropical sun with a drink in hand and a cool breeze from the oversized palm trees.

Seriously, get your shades on and make your taste buds go bananas with the Dare Real Mallow Banana Marshmallows!

#10. Mr Beast Quinoa Crunch Chocolate

Mr Beast - Mr Beast Chocolate - Chocolate Bar - Mr Beast Bar

If you find yourself hungry like a beast, the Mr beast Quinoa Crunch Chocolate is the snack for you!

This chocolatey-tasting bar features a light and crisp texture. Filled with quinoa throughout and coated in a bold tasting dark chocolate.

It's not an overly sweet snack; it has just the right balance of sweetness and amazing textures.

The best part about this Mr Beast treat is that it's made with organic cocoa, and the chocolate is from only grass-fed cows! 

Unleash your inner beast! With the Mr Beast Quinoa Crunch Chocolate!

Which candies made you crave for some candy? Tell us what you think of our delicious April lineup.

We know that April showers bring May flowers, but for us, it certainly brought us incredible candy and snacks!

 We're already eagerly awaiting what candy May will bring our way!

Stay tuned as we narrow down our favorite candies choices for May.

Until then, stay sweet, friends!

Indulge in the best sweets here!

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