Lays BLT Sandwich - 7.75oz

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Have Lunch with Lay's Potato Chips!

Have the crunch of your dreams with the Lays BLT Sandwich Chips. These American snacks are ready to explode with savoury satisfaction in your hungry mouth!

Crunch away on the flavours of bacon, lettuce and tomato all in one crunchy potato chip.
Lays Potato Chips are expertly seasoned and pack a whirlwind of intense flavours in every crisp bite.
We know that you'll be delighting in every last crumb. In fact, we think you'll be licking your fingertips clean!
Lays Potato Chips are a classic choice. We've been happily crunching their crispy goodness since 1940!
Get into the remarkable taste with Lays BLT Sandwich!