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Easter Basket Ideas

Need great Easter basket ideas?

Are you ready to elevate your Easter celebrations with delightful and creative Easter basket ideas? 

We've curated a list of sweet treats and whimsical goodies that are sure to make your Easter baskets a joyous and delectable surprise for everyone. 

Whether you are filling baskets for adults, kids, chocolate lover, or gummy fans these basket ideas have something for everyone! 

Cadbury Mini Eggs

cadbury mini eggs canada candyfunhouse

Dive into the classic goodness of Cadbury Mini Eggs. These delightful chocolate treats with a crisp candy coating are an Easter basket essential, adding a touch of tradition and sweetness to your celebration.

You can also try the Micro Mini Eggs for an even more fun and playful twist on the classic candy. 

Peeps Marshmallow Chicks Dr Pepper

peeps dr pepper easter basket candy

Take a playful twist with Peeps Marshmallow Chicks infused with the flavor of Dr Pepper. These fizzy and fluffy delights bring a unique and refreshing spin to the classic marshmallow chicks, making them a standout treat in any Easter basket

If you know a soda candy lover, or just someone who likes to try new things this is the perfect way to shake up an old classic. 

Rice Krispies Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny

rice krispies chocolate bunny easter basket idea

Embrace the timeless joy of a Rice Krispies Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny. This delightful chocolate bunny is not only delicious but also features a crunchy surprise with a Rice Krispies treat inside, adding a delightful crunch to your Easter basket.

Every Easter basket needs a chocolate bunny, and this one offers a totally unique and playful twist on the old classic. 

Easter Nerds Easter Gummy Cluster

nerds easter gummy clusters easter basket ideas

Combine the best of both worlds with Easter Nerds Easter Gummy Cluster. This treat offers a delightful fusion of the iconic Nerds candy and chewy gummy goodness, creating a burst of sweet and tangy flavors perfect for Easter indulgence.

Nerds candy is a total crowd-pleaser and this pack is absolutely perfect for filling the holiday with fruity fun. 

Sour Patch Bunnies Theater Pack

sour patch kids easter bunnies easter basket ideas

Bring a burst of tangy sweetness to your Easter basket with Sour Patch Bunnies Theater Pack. These bunny-shaped sour candies are sure to add a playful and flavorful twist to your Easter festivities.

Sour candy lovers won’t be left out during the holiday season thanks to Sour Patch Kids. The bold flavors are classic yet inventive. 

Easter Grass Bubblegum

easter grass bubblegum easter basket ideas

Add a playful touch to your Easter basket with Easter Grass Bubblegum. This colorful and chewy bubblegum brings a sense of whimsy to your Easter celebration, making it a delightful treat for kids and adults alike.

Bubble gum is a fun treat that has some serious lasting power. You will be able to enjoy this candy long after Easter ends. 

Peeps Delights Chocolate Dipped Yellow Chicks

peeps chocolate dipped marshmallow easter basket ideas

Elevate your Easter basket with Peeps Delights Chocolate Dipped Yellow Chicks. These elegant marshmallow chicks are coated in rich chocolate, adding a touch of sophistication to your sweet Easter treats.

This twist on Peeps Easter candy is for all of the serious chocolate lovers out there. The yummy milk chocolate goes perfectly with Peeps marshmallows. You can even make Easter smores. 

Trolli Sour Brite Gummi Bunnies

trolli sour brite bunnies easter basket ideas

Experience a burst of zesty bliss with Trolli Sour Brite Gummi Bunnies. These sour gummies in adorable bunny shapes bring a playful and tangy twist to your Easter basket, creating a flavorful and exciting treat.

Trolli is known for fun bright colors and these are no exception. These are sure to make any Easter basket more exciting!

Pez Yellow Easter Egg Grey Rabbit

pez easter egg with bunny easter basket idea

Bring a sense of adventure to your Easter basket with Pez Yellow Easter Egg Grey Rabbit. This candy dispenser in the shape of an Easter egg with a cute grey rabbit design adds an element of candy-hunting fun to your celebration.

Not only is this Easter candy but is also a cute little novelty gift that will brighten up the day and keep the treats coming. 

Peeps Marshmallow Party Cake Chicks

peeps party cake

Conclude your Easter basket extravaganza with Peeps Marshmallow Party Cake Chicks. These festive marshmallow chicks are infused with the delightful flavor of party cake, adding a celebratory touch to your Easter desserts.

Know someone who has a birthday around Easter? These are a fun way to celebrate or even decorate a Birthday cake. 

Are you satisfied with this year's Easter basket ideas?

With these delightful Easter basket ideas, your celebration is sure to be a sweet and memorable affair. From classic chocolates to playful marshmallow treats, there's something for every taste bud to savor and enjoy. 

Wishing you a joyous and delicious Easter filled with sweet surprises!

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