Sour Patch Kids - Bunnies Theater Pack - 3.1oz

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Hop on over with the Sour Patch Kids!

Move over Sour Patch Kids and make way for these cute little bunnies! The Sour Patch Kids Bunnies will certainly have your taste buds hopping!

Made in the adorable and colorful shapes of a bunny rabbit. Ideal for an Easter candy. Or just because you have a thing for sweet-looking bunnies!
These chewy bunnies boast a sour then sweet flavor, taking your tastebuds on an exciting candy journey! 
These candy bunnies offer a tremendously chewy texture and provide a long-lasting and satisfying flavor in every bite!
These funny bunnies are perfect to use in Easter baskets, gift giving, or to incorporate into your Easter decor! Get to it before the Easter Bunny gets them all!
Hop into the flavorful fun with the Sour Patch Kids Bunnies Theater Pack!