Zagnut Bar - 21g

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The Zagnut Candy Bar is deliciously unique!

The Zagnut Bar will have you not knowing which way to turn. It's that delicious! Treat your tastebuds to the biggest of crunchy textures with this old-fashioned candy bar.

Satisfy your every desire with a middle of a mouthwatering peanut filling and a coating of wholesome toasted coconut. You'll be more than indulged with this Zagnut Candy Bar. These two ideal flavors graciously crunch together and beautifully meet in the middle, unleashing those deep and toasted notes of coconut and peanut.
With a blend of sweet and salty tones, the Zagnut Candy Bar is perfection. Its a one of a kind candy bar that's been hungrily devoured since the 1930s.  Go the way of the nut with the classic crunch of the Zagnut Bar!
  • 1930s Candy
  • American Candy Bars

21 g (0.74 oz)