Wiley Wallaby Watermelon Licorice - 113g

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This licorice candy is juicy!

Experience a juicy burst of flavor with the Wiley Wallaby Watermelon Licorice Candy!

This Australian Licorice is made with a soft and tender texture, making each and every bite irresistibly chewy!
As you take that first bite of this licorice candy the fresh taste of watermelon will deliciously burst in your mouth. 
You'll definitely "taste the Wiley difference" with this chewy licorice candy!
Getting its delicious start in 2007, Wiley Wallaby Licorice is a family-owned and operated company offering gourmet licorice candy that is truly in a class of its own!
Be sweetly satisfied with the Wiley Wallaby Watermelon Licorice!