Wiley Wallaby Classic Black Licorice Candy - 113g

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Black licorice candy from Australia!

Indulge in the classic taste of black licorice with Wiley Wallaby Classic Black Licorice Candy!

This Australian licorice is soft and chewy and made with an authentic black licorice flavor. A must-have for every licorice lover around.
In every bite, you'll fall in love with a licorice candy like never before! As you sink your teeth into this naturally flavored licorice, you'll proclaim Wiley Wallaby the very best licorice you've ever had!
Getting its chewy start in 2007, Wiley Wallaby takes pride in its licorice candy. A family-owned and operated company that proudly creates the gourmet licorice of your dreams!
"Taste the Wiley difference" with the Wiley Wallaby Classic Black Licorice!