Adam & Brooks Whirly Pop Rainbow - 1.5oz

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Can't Dim The Shine of a Classic! 

I mean, talk about a classic! The iconic Adam & Brooks Whirly Pop Rainbow is available at Candy Funhouse and there’s truly nothing more exciting than seeing the colorful swirls across the tasty lollipop! The Whirly Pop gives your taste buds an extraordinary mixture of sweetness and pure joy! Every candy lover has to try this lollipop at least once in their lifetime, it is the quintessential candy land trademark. Whether you want these sweet lollipops for your kids to enjoy, or as a fun centerpiece for your candy-themed parties, they are the perfect addition to any festivity. The Whirly Pop is not only vibrant in colors, but is also rich in flavor – it's not all for show!

  • 31/4" wide x 3 tall - 7 " Tall with stick

1.5oz (43g) 

Made in the USA