Walker's Mint Toffees (UK) - 150g

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This Toffee has been loved for over 100 years!

Inject a cool and minty flavor into your toffee candy with the Walker's Mint Toffees.

This British Candy is a traditional English Toffee. A British tradition since 1894!
Each toffee candy boasts a golden buttery flavor. As you begin to initially taste the toffee, that mint comes to life offering a fresh and cooling sensation. 
This English candy is a delectable tasting experience. The additional mint flavor rounds off the rich-tasting toffee, creating a perfect-tasting candy!
Made using a traditional recipe, Walker's Nonsuch Toffee is an English tradition. Loved and enjoyed for well over 100 years!
Make your day unforgettably delicious with Walker's Mint Toffees!