Walker's Liquorice Toffee Bars (UK) - 100g

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A British Candy tradition since 1894.

Indulge in the old-fashioned taste of toffee with the Walkers Licorice Toffee Bars! This British Candy is a traditional toffee but made with the addition of the bold taste of black licorice.

As you unwrap this English candy, those delicious bold scents of black licorice will have your mouth watering. As you bite through this toffee, the sweet flavors of the toffee will deliciously mingle with the robust notes of that black licorice., providing a sweet satisfaction. Made with an ultra-creamy texture and the ideal chewiness.
Some folks choose to follow the instructions on the package. " Whack, then unwrap", making it a little easier to enjoy in little bits and pieces.
This English Toffee is made using an old-fashioned traditional British recipe using only the finest of ingredients providing you with an authentic tasting toffee.
Walkers Nonsuch Toffee has been treating us to its sweet tradition since 1894. A must-have English candy for any lover of the bold taste of black licorice.
Taste the tradition with Walker's Liquorice Toffee Bars!