Walker's Brazil Nut Toffee Bars (UK) - 100g

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This British candy is steeped in tradition.

Discover the old-fashioned goodness of Walkers Brazil Nut Toffee Bars. Made since 1894, this English Candy uses only the finest of ingredients, creating a distinct and authentic taste of toffee.

This toffee candy contains an infusion of crunchy bits of Brazil nuts. Every taste is thick, chewy and exciting with that added crunch of nuts.
Releasing a warm and buttery scent, this glorious golden toffee is an irresistible British Candy. Offering a decadent taste in each and every bite.
Walkers Nonsuch has been crafting its toffee candy for well over 100 years. Using a time-honoured recipe. Delivering to you a true taste of the UK!
This old-fashioned candy will quickly become a favourite!
Be indulged with the classic taste of Walkers Brazil Nut Toffee Bars!