Vidal Turtles Filled Gummies - 142g

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Delicious gummies from Spain.

You won't be a slow poke with one taste of the Vidal Turtles Filled Gummies! This turtle-shaped gummy candy comes with a fruity-tasting jelly filling. Adding an extra layer of taste and texture.

Biting through these gummies, those sweet and fruit-filled flavors come to life with every chewy bite.
Colorful and fun, this Vidal candy indeed resembles an adorable little turtle. Complete with a specially designed shell for the back.
Vidal Candy offers a delicious variety of irresistible gummy candy. Made in Spain, there's sure to be a favourite for any candy connoisseur!
Turtles might be slow, but we guarantee you'll be quick to taste the Vidal Turtles Filled Gummies!