Twix - 1.79oz

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It's always Twix as nice.

Make it a double with the legendary taste of Twix! The Twix candy bar is always alluring. Shining bright in that iconic gold wrapper and offering two fingers of utter satisfaction!

Made with decadence in mind. Hungrily you'll be introduced to a core of a buttery and crunchy biscuit. Topped off with a luscious, silky golden ribbon of caramel and perfectly completed with a thick coating of delicious milk chocolate.
This Canadian Chocolate Bar is filled with that crave-able crunchy texture in every bite. Delivering twice the deliciousness with two bars makes it easy to share if you're so inclined, but we think you might as well skip that thought!
The Twix Bar was initially made in Britain in 1967 before making its sweet way to Canada in 1979. It's a must-have, classic candy bar to have in your chocolate rotation.
Find out why twice is always so nice, with the remarkable taste of Twix!