Twinkies Candy Canes - 5.3oz

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Celebrate with Twinkies!

Keep that twinkle in your eye with the Twinkies Candy Canes! These candy canes offer the taste of the famous Twinkies snack.

As you unwrap these Candy Canes, the sweet scent of the beloved Twinkies will fill the air!
It's an incredible candy cane featuring the flavor of that luscious white filling and that golden cake. If you're a fan of Twinkies, these were made for you!
Perfect as a Christmas Candy! Ring in the season and use these candy canes to get your house Christmas-ready. Hang them on your Christmas tree, or use them as delicious stocking stuffers! Serve alongside some hot chocolate as a yummy Christmas treat!
Be indulged this Christmas with the one and only Twinkies Candy Canes!